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Vanilla Chia Pudding

October 13th, 2014


      Chia seeds are little nutrition powerhouses.  They contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, AND calcium.  And unlike flax seeds, they don’t need to be ground in order for your body to absorb the nutrients.   These super little seeds absorb up to ten times their weight in water.  So
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Sandwich Sushi

July 16th, 2013


Today marked week two of my Little Foodies class at Creative Kids in Garwood, NJ.  We all had so much fun!  We started off with an art activity…rolling and sculpting model magic.  It was a great way for the kids to warm up their hands and practice using the rolling pins for today’s recipe…Sandwich Sushi.
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October 29th, 2012


Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfast foods.  Not only is it delicious, is is also easy to make, very versatile and packed with health benefits.  Oatmeal helps to lower cholesterol, decreases risk of diabetes, boosts your immune system and keeps your blood sugar stable.  My family and I eat oatmeal almost every morning.  Here
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