You manage everything from soccer practice to conference calls, grocery shopping to business trips. You sacrifice your time, your energy and your body. You eat on the run, eat what the kids are eating, or don’t eat at all. If this sounds like you or your life, Hillary’s plans are designed for you.

This is not your average diet program. Hillary customizes and personalizes a specific plan to help you achieve your goals. Using a non-diet approach to counseling, she will tailor a nutrition plan that is right for you and your family and your lifestyle.

Maybe you want to make a major life change or maybe you want to lose those stubborn last 5 pounds that have bothered you for years. Through a personalized nutrition plan, you and your family will be healthier, stronger and more energetic.

Hillary’s areas of expertise include:

  • Weight Loss & Maintenance
  • Plans for Busy Professionals
  • General Wellness & Disease Prevention
  • Pre/Post-Natal Nutrition
  • Family Friendly Meal Planning
  • Food Allergies


Let Hillary clean out your kitchen cabinets, take you on a personal grocery store tour and teach you some new cooking tips. She will organize your kitchen, guide you through proper food label reading and develop a must-have grocery list that promotes good nutrition and healthier living.  In the process you will:

      • Find the worst hidden ingredients on food labels
      • Learn how much fat, sugar and calories are appropriate
      • Discover the best alternatives for picky little eaters


Invite Hillary into your kitchen and she will teach you, your family or your nanny/babysitter how to whip up some healthy, delicious meals that everyone will enjoy!

Or turn it into a party! Invite some friends over, choose a delicious menu and Hillary will come over and teach you how to make it simply delicious. Hillary can even help you turn a routine playdate into a fun and informative healthy cooking session!


Hillary has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including Bloomberg, CitiGroup and Avaya, to help their employees make healthy eating decisions. She provides lectures, one-on-one counseling, pantry makeovers and cafeteria assessments. She can create a customized program to suit your office needs.


Hillary is a leading voice on the importance of practical nutrition in our daily lives. Hillary has been invited to present at corporate offices, community facilities, health fairs, conferences, and other events. Some popular topics include:

      • Clean Eating
      • Eating Well on the Go
      • All About Antioxidants
      • The Truth About Fad Diets
      • The ABC’s of Back to School Eating
      • Holiday Survival
      • Dispelling Diet Myths
      • Emotional Eating


Hillary regularly posts healthy, delicious recipes on her blog SimplyBeautifulMom. She enjoys good food and creating recipes based on local, seasonal foods. She regularly consults with restaurants and major food brands on smart, flavorful and healthy recipes. Whether you are a small café looking to add some healthy new items to your menu or a corporate cafeteria trying to make better options available, Hillary can provide the guidance you need.