Homemade Ice-Cream in a Bag!

August 16th, 2013


This week marked our last Little Foodies class for the summer.  What better way to celebrate than with our favorite summer treat…ice cream!  We started off making an adorable ice cream cone art project…


Then is was time for the real stuff!  We didn’t need an ice-cream maker…we just needed some delicious ingredients, zip-loc bags and warm winter gloves!



We added half and half, vanilla and sugar into a pint sized zip-loc bag.  Placed that bag into a gallon sized zip-loc bag filled with ice and Kosher salt.  Put on our gloves and started shaking the bag to the beat of some great summer dance tunes!


Before we knew it we had bags filled with delicious vanilla ice-cream!  YUM!!



Homemade Ice-cream in a Bag

½ cup milk, cream, or half and half

1 tablespoon sugar

½ teaspoon vanilla extract (or other flavoring)

6 tablespoons kosher salt

Enough ice to fill the gallon-sized bag halfway

1 gallon-sized Ziploc bag

1 pint-sized Ziploc bag


Fill the gallon-sized Zip-loc about half way with ice.  Add the salt and set aside.

Pour the milk, sugar and vanilla into the pint-sized Zip-loc bag, seal tightly and mix well.  Place the pint sized bag into the gallon sized bag and seal tightly.

Now for the fun part—get shaking baby! Wrap the bag in a tea towel, or put on some winter gloves.  Shake the bag for about 5 minutes (ideally while dancing to your favorite tunes!).  Once the milk starts feeling thick and frozen you are done.  Remove the smaller bag, wipe it down carefully to get rid of all the salt on the outside and enjoy!


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